Who we are

STAVROPOULOS FLOWERS, is a brand name which has its origins in the past. Dino Stavropoulos’s father, Mr Giuseppe Crozzeti, was responsible for the administration of the famous green house ‘FLERIANOS’ , in Athens , from 1920.

Dinos Stavropoulos greatly admired the beauty of flowers and their fragrance, so he opened his popular florist business in the centre of Patras. His name became famous owing to his avant – garde presence and his innovative floral creations. At the same time he organized his own greenhouse at Lefka-Patras mainly specializing in the cultivation of roses and new plants.


Growing up alongside their father, Dino’s  sons Bill and George, learned to love nature with a passion. Bill, since 1976, and George, since 1982, have become involved professionally in the business giving it new dimensions. Their studies in floral arrangements in London, their participation in seminars concerning flowers , their travels to Holland, allowed them to gather knowledge, gain experience and put their unique  ideas concerning nature and especially flowers into practice. As a result, their  business expanded.

They became famous in Patras as well as in the whole of Greece for their creative arrangements ranging from corsages, wedding arrangements, religious ceremony arrangements, room decorations, window dressing displays to landscape gardening.


In 2012, George decided to leave his florist business so as to be free to realize his dream. His goal was the preservation of leaves, twigs, flowers and natural material in general. After much study and experimentation he developed a method of processing natural materials enabling him to entrap their moisture thus succeeding in their preservation and elasticity. Inspired by this development he evolved so as to create a series of usable items made up of flowers and leaves combined with fabric. In 2014 he organized an exhibition, whose reputation expanded beyond Patras. Two major TV stations presented his creations as a leading artist unique in his field.

At present George Stavropoulos mainly deals in accessories for women. One of a kind, impressive handbags produced as individual pieces in order to complement a women’s individual style.


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